Taiwan Excellence Awards were established by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1993 and invite professional specialists to identify outstanding products that offer innovative value each year. Graphene suspensions, S-MK15 and S-WB30, were selected to participate in Taiwan Excellence Awards. In November 2020, Dr. Mark Wu attended the award ceremony on behalf of Enerage Inc. and was awarded the Taiwan Excellence.



Enerage Inc. utilizes graphene’s remarkable thermal and electrical conductivity to make graphene into a suspension for applications in the textile industry. The mass produced graphene powders are uniformly dispersed in the solvent and resin specified by customer’s. Graphene can use the standard printing process developed in the textile industry to print the graphene solution onto the surface of the fabric. When the fabric comes into contact with human skin, it can evenly balance out the body’s temperature. For example, in cold weather, the hottest part of your body will transfer the heat not only along the graphene patterns but also through far-infrared absorbance and transmitting to distribute your body heat. Relatively in hot weather, graphene can absorb human body heat and disperse that heat through high thermal conductivity by accelerating the heat dissipation on the human skin, creating a cooling sensation. In addition, if the graphene content is appropriately adjusted, the surface of the textile can achieve a conductive function, which can be used as a biosensor to meet the needs of smart clothing. At the same time, the graphene smart thermostatic fabric or conductive fabric still retains the excellent adhesion and washing resistance of printed textiles, which fully meets the requirements of textiles.