The Green Chemistry Application and Innovation Award was established by the Environmental Protection Agency of the Executive Yuan. The purpose of the award is to reward individuals, organizations and companies who have contributed to reducing toxic chemical substances, strengthening ecological protection, and advocating green chemistry education. In order to become a green enterprise and participate in the social responsibility of protecting the environment, Enerage Inc. developed a more environmentally friendly graphene powder manufacturing line by using harmless chemicals. Even though developing the process is time-consuming and full of challenges, the Company remains steadfast in innovation and development, while obtaining domestic and international invention patents. Besides, Enerage Inc. continues to establish a friendly working environment to improve people's quality of life. Enerage Inc. won Green Chemistry Application and Innovation Award in 2021 for its environmentally friendly graphene powder manufacturing process. Graphene powder and water vapor are obtained by physical exfoliation method using graphite and water as raw materials. The produced graphene powder does not require a purification process, which shows that the production of graphene does not contain harmful chemicals. Therefore, it enables graphene powder to pass RoHS, REACH and ZDHC tests, and it is considered more environmentally friendly than the reduced graphene oxide powder.